Pearls with Tag: Journey

Where You Are Now (Apr 5, 2021)

Author: David McLeod

Whatever your destination might be, you cannot begin the journey until you know where you are right now. This clarity …

What You Know (Sep 18, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

No matter where you are on your journey, there is always someone a few steps behind who can benefit from …

Supposed to Be (Jun 29, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

Life Mastery Affirmation: I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be …

Experiences and Lessons (Jun 3, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

Honor and bless the experiences and lessons that appear on your life journey, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant they …

100% Success (Jan 21, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

You arrived where you are today by passing over, under, around or through every obstacle that has ever shown up …

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