Pearls with Tag: Healing

To Heal the World (Jan 11, 2021)

Author: David McLeod

Hate is the ultimate form of fear-based anger, and it serves no useful purpose. To heal the world, we must …

Look Within (Dec 11, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

Your judgment of another is projection of something within yourself that you have chosen to disown. Take the opportunity to …

Source of Healing (Dec 9, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

Boundless and imperturbable pure love is the source for true healing. One thing that can keep you from enjoying its …

Positive Thinking (Nov 18, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

No-one will argue about the intentional purpose behind positive thinking. However, positivity only works after subconscious negativity is brought into …

The Best Defense (Oct 30, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

Hurt and pain emerges from an idea that offense is the best defense. But the deeper illusion is that any …

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