All Pearls

Fertile Imagination

Author: David McLeod

Every thought is the seed of a potential creation that expresses your essence. But it will only germinate if you …

The Key to True Freedom

Author: David McLeod

Gratitude is the key to true freedom. When you can express gratitude for even the most unpleasant of experiences in …

Confident and Competent

Author: David McLeod

Life Mastery Affirmation: I am confident and competent, and I choose moment by moment to live beyond my comfort zone.

Half the Battle

Author: David McLeod

Half the battle is believing you can do it. Half the battle is showing up fully, and dusting yourself off …

Boundless & Unstoppable

Author: David McLeod

To appreciate the power of imagination, simply look around. Everything you can see began as a single thought in someone’s …

How We Grow

Author: David McLeod

We all try to hide aspects of ourselves we judge as weaknesses. But the Universe knows the truth about who …

You Are a Success

Author: David McLeod

It is one thing to HAVE a failure; it is another to BE a failure. One is simply an impartial …

Variations & Limitations

Author: David McLeod

Don’t limit yourself by believing that you can only create variations or imitations of what has come before. In truth, …

Enthusiastic YES!

Author: David McLeod

Life Mastery Affirmation: I am an enthusiastic YES to everything, for this is the intention of my Soul.

False Empathy

Author: David McLeod

What value is there in sharing or enduring someone else’s suffering? It is little more than false empathy; it serves …

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