All Pearls

Time to Heal

Author: David McLeod

What aspect of yourself do you judge most harshly? What belief drives this behavior? Imagine the gift that might be …

A Declaration of Fearlessness

Author: David McLeod

Trust is a declaration of fearlessness. Trustworthiness only reveals itself after the declaration has been made. Some people may turn …

Growing, Expanding, Awakening

Author: David McLeod

Life Mastery Affirmation: I am in a continual state of enlightenment—growing, expanding and awakening with each new experience.

Open and Receptive

Author: David McLeod

The Universe loves you—even when you don’t love it back. It constantly brings you blessings that support and nurture your …

Truth Emerges Gloriously

Author: David McLeod

Truth is never really hidden from you. Layers and filters that have evolved out of your belief systems modify and …

A Path to Peace

Author: David McLeod

Judgment is interpretation or conclusion based almost entirely on past experience. As you identify and release your filters, you begin …

A Lowly Grain of Sand

Author: David McLeod

Never underestimate or diminish yourself. Even a lowly grain of sand has a place in the Cosmos, and yet you …

Truth and Wisdom

Author: David McLeod

There is nothing you do not know; only that which you have forgotten. Quiet the chatter of your ego-mind, settle …

Uniquely Intelligent

Author: David McLeod

Life Mastery Affirmation: I am uniquely intelligent in many different ways, and my genius shows up through the generous sharing …

Keep Smiling

Author: David McLeod

A trigger can catch you off guard and upset your inner balance. You can reset yourself quickly if you imagine …

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