Pearls with Tag: Accomplishment

Pride (Dec 9, 2022)

Author: David McLeod

Pride that arises from the ego-mind is a form of narcissistic vanity that often appears as self-congratulatory bragging. But pride …

Real Success (May 27, 2022)

Author: David McLeod

There is much confusion about success. We are taught to strive and achieve, with little concern for how we feel. …

How Big? (May 18, 2022)

Author: David McLeod

How big is your dream? Too small, and you won’t accomplish anything. Too big, and you’ll be overwhelmed and intimidated. …

Proud of Achievements (Oct 7, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

It is perfectly okay to be proud of your achievements and accomplishments, but don’t let those things distract you from …

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