Pearls with Tag: Practice

Excellence (Sep 14, 2022)

Author: David McLeod

Excellence is available to anyone in any field of endeavor. You need patience, practice, integrity, and discipline. But the most …

The True Spice of Life (Jul 22, 2022)

Author: David McLeod

The most powerful nourishment you can enjoy in this life comes in the form of honest, open, and authentic interactions …

Vulnerability (Jun 22, 2022)

Author: David McLeod

Vulnerability only scares you until you fully understand it! Understanding comes from implementation and devoted practice. It is well worth …

To Be Truly Free (May 16, 2022)

Author: David McLeod

To be truly free, begin by liberating yourself from the tyranny of your own ego-mind. This requires vigilance, attentiveness, discipline, …

Hardiness and Resilience (Oct 1, 2021)

Author: David McLeod

By embracing innate hardiness and resilience, you can transcend the limitations of your existing beliefs. With devoted practice, you will …

Worrying (Mar 22, 2021)

Author: David McLeod

Worrying is a pointless practice. It is detachment from the present and attachment to doubts about the future. It is …

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