Pearls with Tag: Perception

Predominant Perceptions (Nov 15, 2021)

Author: David McLeod

Your fate is in your own hands, determined by your predominant perceptions and beliefs. If you believe you see lack …

Insightful (Nov 23, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

Life Mastery Affirmation: I am highly insightful, intuitive, and perceptive, and I lovingly and gently share what I know.

Lens of the Soul (Nov 11, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

The heart is sometimes called the “lens of the soul”. Imagine a state of mind-less-ness that enables you to perceive …

Peace of Mind (Aug 14, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

Peace of mind only seems difficult to achieve because it lies beneath layers of perception, interpretation, and belief. By lifting …

Clarity (Mar 6, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

Taking responsibility for your life requires a capacity to see things as they are. This demands courage, because you must …

Life is Neutral (Dec 15, 2019)

Author: David McLeod

Life is neutral; it doesn’t play favorites. What you perceive as good luck or bad luck is merely your judgment …

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