Pearls with Tag: Addiction

Desire, Need, Addiction (Sep 2, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

When a desire evolves into a need, you may become attached to having that need met, and in time the …

Forms of Attachment (Jul 17, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

Desires, preferences, wants and addictions are forms of attachment that contribute to the illusion of lack—a fear-based concept that leads …

Need for Control (Jul 8, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

Beware of the need for control. It is an insidious form of attachment that can turn into addiction and end …

Quest for Excellence (Mar 1, 2020)

Author: David McLeod

A quest for excellence can guide you to measure everything in terms of its value and importance in your life. …

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