All Pearls

Believe in Yourself

Author: David McLeod

Don’t wait for anyone else to believe in you. Instead, choose the high ground, find your courage, have faith, and …

Clarity of Purpose

Author: David McLeod

If you seek clarity in your life, you can do no better than to discover and refine your Spiritual Purpose …

Helpful or Meddlesome?

Author: David McLeod

There’s a fine line between “helpful” and “meddlesome”. Unless you are faced with a life-and-death situation, it is usually best …

Unpleasant Feelings

Author: David McLeod

Life Mastery Affirmation: I am grateful for unpleasant feelings, because they point to ways in which I am out of …

Failure is Feedback

Author: David McLeod

Failure is feedback, nothing more. It tells you when one approach does not produce the desired outcome, and often includes …

Please Another

Author: David McLeod

There is nothing wrong with trying to please another person. But don’t do it as a way to manipulate sentiments …

Refuse to Acknowledge

Author: David McLeod

If you refuse to acknowledge a fear that shows up, you push it into the background where it becomes an …

Absence of Miracles

Author: David McLeod

In the absence of miracles, life seems pointless, bland and empty. But if everything is a miracle, then all aspects …

Pursuit of Happiness

Author: David McLeod

It is a mistake to believe that happiness is something to be pursued. It is your birthright and your natural …


Author: David McLeod

Life Mastery Affirmation: I am thrilled to be expanding moment by moment into the full and complete expression of who …

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