All Pearls

Don’t Compare

Author: David McLeod

When you compare yourself to another, the net result is a reduction of your presence and light. Stop it! You …

Life Without Risk

Author: David McLeod

Life without risk is death. If you wish to experience all of who you are, you must be willing to …

Embrace the Magnificence

Author: David McLeod

Give yourself permission to embrace the magnificence and wonder of all of who you REALLY are, rather than who you …

Showing Up

Author: David McLeod

Life Mastery Affirmation: I am thrilled that I keep showing up, no matter what.

True Power

Author: David McLeod

True power can be accessed through Vulnerability: open your heart to Love, your mind to Acceptance, your body to Peace, …

Make a Difference

Author: David McLeod

Want to make a difference in the world? Work daily to raise your own consciousness. The “Ripple Effect” is immense …

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